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Cultus Artem—'In Looking at Texture'

From Cultus Artem founder, perfumer and artist Holly Tupper, In Looking at Texture, We Consider the Elements of a Work that Give it the Semblance of Life is a compendium of visual and written textures that define creative essence.

Composed of vignettes and landscapes, captured sketched and impressionist reveries, studies in pattern and colour, musings and observations, In Looking At Texture emulates the distinctive nature of visual memory. A series of abstract photographs describes the variegated tones and textures of Cultus Artem’s San Antonio atelier, where the house’s luxury fragrance, skincare and jewelry come to life. A place for “experimentation, risk-taking, alteration and metamorphism and even daydreaming," the atelier housed in a 13,000-square-foot historic building is catalyst and inspiration for Tupper’s compositions.

Tupper brings her same artistic sensibilities to this limited-edition release — each book is offset printed in the Netherlands by an award-winning print house and hand bound using the Smyth sewing technique.

In Looking At Texture chronicles in soft focus the matter that makes up the Cultus Artem oeuvre — a swirling amalgam of elements that, with time, sharpen into sensorial works across fragrance, skincare and jewelry.