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Cultus Artem—Discovery Set


Experience all 8 Cultus Artem fine fragrances.

ALBA – Waxy magnolia blossoms and gentle citrus notes are rounded by hay and beeswax with a finale of opulent jonquil flower.
ILEX – Green Tea and animalic jasmin notes with the added richness of rare iris notes in narcissus.
VETIVERIA – A woody vetiver grass blended with smokey 35-million-year-old fossilized Himalayan tree amber, sandalwood and softened by a hint of creamy coconut pulp.
TUBEROSA – Tuberose and gardenia notes with musky white florals are blended with resinous spice.
AMARA – Orange flower blossoms are blended with hints of the green notes of marigold flowers. This is a hot citrus-like sunrise hovering over smooth sandalwood with a flick of biting herbaceousness.
POETICUS – A narcotic heavy floral laced with spice, tobacco and human sweat.
CHAMPACA – Champaca flower from South East Asia is a spectral, narcotic white floral, potent and elusive in the same breath. This is an otherworldly floral.
ROSA – A warm and earthy rose with green notes, Indonesian clove leaf, honeysuckle from Egypt and patchouli.