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Keep it Fresh: Fragrant Bunch + Saipua Soap & Oil

Our favorite soap, our favorite scents. Saipua's rose geranium bar soap and Rose Geranium Face & Body Oil paired with a seasonal mixed bouquet containing a selection of deliciously aromatic flowers. 

Saipua Soap: Saponified olive oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified castor oil, shea butter, oatmeal, and essential oils. 

8oz. | Handcrafted in N.Y.

Saipua Face & Body Oil: Olive oil, argan oil, rose hip oil and rose geranium essential oil 

6oz. | Handcrafted in N.Y.

Our style is whimsical and wild, rooted in nature, all of its randomness and (dis)order. Please look to our website and instagram for style and size references to ensure that what you expect is what you're ordering. If your style is not our style, we totally get it. Taste is personal! Please note that if you order from us and what you wanted was something different than what we do, we cannot provide a refund.

*PLEASE NOTE: Regarding confirmed orders– modifications, including date changes, or cancellations requested within 24 hours of scheduled delivery will incur a restocking fee equivalent to 25% of the material total, with a minimum fee of $50 (minimum fee applicable to orders with material totals under $200). Additionally, orders cancelled within this window will NOT be eligible for a refund or for store credit.
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