Lizzie and Peter/ Staatsburg New York

I just recently learned what twink means in urban culture... "young attractive gay man". I guess I get it.... or actually I don't, but the reason I bring it up is because  I've been calling Lizzie and Kabs "my twinks" since we could talk. Because that is how long we have been friends. 

They're also known as "The Fortunato Twins" to some of those in the know, the super savvy and stylish sister duo behind the Jewelry line Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. When I first moved to NYC, Lizzie threw me extra work stringing beads which I would do during my daytime reservationist shifts at a West Village restaurant that doesn't exist anymore... and eventually the reason I was fired from said reservationist position. Didn't answer the phones fast enough or regularly enough, apparently.

I watched LFJ as it grew from a side hustle to a based out of their tiny LES apartment business to the operation it is today and it's been an inspiration for me and what I wanted for FFF and myself ever since. 

These are photos from Lizzie and Peter's Wedding at the Violet in Staatsburg, NY in Summer 2017. I'd love to tell you all about Lizzie and Peter, but let's be honest... In Lizzie's life, Kabs comes first. I mean, look at them. Friggin cute.

Lizzie had a pretty good idea of what she wanted the florals to feel like but there was no strict or hardcore design directive. The vessels we picked out of the "chipped" bin at Campo de Fiori while in Massachusetts one weekend. The color palette was seasonal with rust and ochre tones. And the flowers (with the exception of the roses that I ordered from my girl Patti at Rose Story) were locally sourced from Tiny Hearts and River Garden.

It was hot as balls that day and the flowers basically wilted the moment we put them down. But it didn't really matter... the vessels were busted, the flowers were wilting, the fruit was all a little bit bruised and all that together made it just feel all the more elegant. 

I've been friends with this group below since were were 3... thats 32 years for those of you who are counting. And as per usual, Molly is the only one looking at the camera and paying attention. I'm pretty sure after this photo was taken she yelled at all of us to get our "shit together and smile".


The Violet Estate

Photography Les Loups

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