HIRING—Accounts Manager


UPDATED 4/6/22


  • Full Time, Exempt
  • Base salary: $65k
  • Up to 5% commission on all new accounts brought in by Account Manager upon discretion of Management
  • Health insurance available 1st of the month following 60 days of employment 
  • Paid Vacation and sick leave
  • 401K with employer match


This is a dynamic, hybrid position that entails duties related to the creative direction and management of approximately 15-20 Fox Fodder Farm (FFF) weekly account clients. The needs of these clients range in size from single medium size dropped-off arrangements to full restaurant/retail floral experiences. The accounts manager will also be responsible for any special requests of the weekly accounts clients such as special installations, holiday decor, gift deliveries, etc.

This position includes but is not limited to the following:

The Account manager for FFF will be in charge of managing the design (planning and buying), budgeting (creating new budgets and tracking expenses), execution (including managing a small team) and client relations of all weekly account clients. The ideal candidate is organized, has strong communication skills, understands budget management, understands team management, has an eye for both creative and practical design, and is able to confidently develop relationships with clients.

As this position is interactive with the Studio production and schedule, the Accounts Manager will be responsible for coordinating with the Studio Director and managing the schedule of both installs and deliveries with associated execution teams.


  • Must have comprehensive understanding of materials and what is appropriate for weekly/ long term installs.
  • Must be able to understand and efficiently execute various design directives as they relate to the aesthetic goals of each account.
  • Must be able to confidently manage and troubleshoot new design requests as per clients’ changing needs and seasonality of product.
  • Must have the creative skill to confidently suggest new design directives and associated materials


  • Must be able to confidently and efficiently manage team schedule
  • Must have clear understanding of time management in regards to the specification of each account
  • Must be able to confidently provide clear directive and feedback whether on site or off in order to meet expectation and maintain high standard of design
  • Must be meticulously respectful of client spaces and the existing workflow within the space 


  • Must be able to comprehensively manage the budgets associated with each account
  • Must be proactive in troubleshooting how best to plan for/manage overall accounts budget week to week and adapting weekly buys to a more efficient use of budget.
  • Must be able to track spending and create monthly report of spending


  • Will be acting as primary liaison between weekly account clients and FFF.
  • Must be able to address the needs and concerns of the clients and act professionally in dialogue and manner
  • Must proactively engage with client, facilitating regular feedback that includes but is not limited to:
    • Monthly check in with weekly clients upon how to improve service.
    • Initiating new creative ways in which FFF can engage further with clients whether it be mailers, special events, etc.


  • Must have 2 years experience in the floral design industry and/or be able to present comprehensive portfolio of work that exhibits understanding of long lead floral designs and installations (or have a strong case for why you’re an ideal candidate regardless of past work experience in the floral industry).
  • Must have experience managing a team 
  • Must have drivers license and clean driving record
  • Must provide two references—Must be previous employers or coworkers in management positions
  • Comprehensive cover letter detailing your interest in the position and our company, and what makes you an ideal candidate.


Applications can be submitted via email to taylor@foxfodderfarm.com